Online Yoga Training

Due To COVID-19 Effect Royal Yoga Care Launched
Best Online Yoga Training Through Online By Using Any
One Technology From Given Below:–
1. Whatsapp Video Call.
2.Skype Video Class.
3.Zoom Video Class etc..
yoga class in vasant vihar

                                                     Online yoga classes worldwide.

All Our Online Yoga Packages Include The Following
Online Yoga Course Or Online Yoga Forms or
Online Yoga Variations:-
1.Traditional Hatha Yoga
2.Power Yoga
3.Vinyasa Yoga.
4.Props Yoga
5.Iron Yoga
6.Functional Yoga
7.Yoga Therapy Etc..
online yoga classes

online yoga classes

All Our Online Yoga Packages Covers The Following Yoga Benefits:-

1. Yoga For Weight Loss.
2.Yoga For Weight Management.
3.Yoga For Flexibility Management.
4.Yoga For Stress Mangement.
4.Yoga For Strength.
5.Yoga For Stamina.
6.Yoga For Body Toning.
7.Yoga For Relaxation.
8.Yoga For Body Joints.
9.Yoga For Core.
10.Yoga For Any Diseases Like
A. Yoga For Thyroid.
B. Yoga For Diabetes.
C. Yoga For Back Pain.
D. Yoga For Cervical.
E. Yoga For Heart Issue.
F. Yoga For Arthritis.
G. Yoga For Blood Pressure.
H.Yoga For Migraine. Etc………
yoga class in powai

yoga class in powai

All Our Online Yoga Teachers Are The Following Features:-

1.Certified Yoga Trainers
2.Experienced Yoga Trainers.
3.Qualified Yoga Trainers.
4.Dedicated Yoga Trainers.
5.Result Oriented Yoga Trainers.

We Providing

Online Yoga Training

To The Following:-

1.Resident Of India :-

Online Yoga Class In India For
Digital Yoga Class In Mumbai,
Online Yoga Class In Delhi,
Online Yoga Class In Pune,
Digital Yoga Class In Bangalore,
Digital Yoga Class In NCR,
Online Yoga Class In Madras,
Digital Yoga Class In Kolkatta And
Online Yoga Class In All Over In India.

We Have Online Yoga Training In



Greater Noida,Faridabad,Gaziabad Etc..

yoga for hollywood celebrities

         yoga for hollywood celebrities

2.Non-Resident Of India:-

Online Yoga Class In USA,
Online Yoga Class In United Kingdom,
Digital Yoga Class In Europe
Online Yoga Class In Dubai
Online Yoga Class In Australia Etc……

We Have Online Yoga Training In


Los Angeles,Manchester,Dubai,Houston


Turkey,Sydney,Chicago,California,New York

City,Malaysia,Saudi Arabia,Jordan,

Sri Lanka,Nepal,Bhutan,China Etc..

Our 12 Sessions Online Yoga Package

Price Are Following:-

1.Online Yoga Class For Indian Residents:
Rs.6000/12 classes/40 days Validity.
2. Online Yoga For NRI:
$150/12 Classes/40 Days Validity.
1 Free Demo Online Yoga Class Is Available.
2. For More Enquiry Or For Registration Or To Book Yoga Demo:
WHATSAPP DETAILS LIKE  Name,Student Location,Goal Etc
ON : +919004997287.