yoga teacher training in india

Yoga Teacher Training In India

yoga teacher training in india

yoga teacher training in india

Yoga Teacher Training in India is required to produce good quality of yoga teachers for india and all over the world.


In Yoga Teacher Training Course Following will be provided to the students:

  1. Theory Knowledge of Yoga Science( Ashtanga yoga,Hatha Yoga, Yoga Philosophy, Teaching Skill Of Yoga, Patanjali Yoga etc)


2. Practical Knowledge Of Ashtanga Yoga ,Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga, Iron Yoga, Functional Yoga ,Pilates Yoga Etc with Teaching Skills.


3. Students Psychology with questions and answers teacher can face during taking several types of yoga classes in Group yoga class and personal yoga class for different types of fitness requirements.

We take test and examinations during theory and practical sessions to

increase the knowledge and understanding of students and bring the

teaching skills into them.

After completing the course we provide teacher training certificate to

students which is recognise all over the world to take the yoga classes.

During the training a dedicated teacher is provided to the student for one to one training for personal attention to get maximum benefits with focused attention and personalised attention that is 10 times useful in comparison to group classes,this is the feature of our training.

We have 3 months yoga teacher training in india program which fees is

approx Rs.14900 pay to company account only through bank transfer or payment link provided by company only.

For more details pls contact to or whatsapp us on =91-9004997287.

Our helpline is open for any help or queries from students.Thank You…..